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Little Music Stars CD is here!


The LMS team are so excited to bring to you the 1st in a series of planned albums!

Volume 1 kicks off with fantastic original songs which cover a variety of themes that the children learn and sing about in class; The Jolly Jungle, At the Beach, Stars in Space, The Weather Dial and many more!! All the songs have a strong educational narrative, which inspire the imagination taking us on a musical journey, introducing different musical genres such as rock and roll, country, reggae, classical & pop.

All the tunes are so catchy that you cannot help singing along and you don’t have to come to the classes to enjoy the music! It really appeals to both children and adults and is guaranteed to make those car journeys go much quicker with fun and singing!

What listeners have been saying….

‘Beautiful!’ – Allison (Studio City, Los Angeles, USA)
‘This is wonderful!’ – Mary (Warwickshire, UK)
‘Have passed this on to all my friends ~ it is SIMPLY FANTASTIC !!!!!!’ – Rebecca (Studio City, Los Angeles, USA)
‘Weather Dial’ is a beautiful track – it sounds amazing!’- Kevin (Brighton, UK)
‘Sounds great!!’- Eleanor (Bristol, UK)
‘Great album for the under 6’s’- Lucy (Surrey, UK)
‘Loved this CD! Sounds so great! I was singing along!’- Jo (Kent, UK)
‘I’ve downloaded the album. Thanks so much!!!’- Louise (Canada)
‘Such a great CD’- Philippa (London, UK)
‘Love the album…I especially like ‘Stars in Space’ – Rachel (Kent, UK)

Click the Itunes link below to download the Little Music Stars album!

USA-  Little Music Stars. The Songs Vol 1 – Little Music Stars

Or…if you’d like the physical CD sent to you (US customers only) then go ahead and click on the Paypal link below and we will ship out the CD to you within 24 hrs!

LMS Album Cover