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Little Music Stars - Walking to 3 years




LITTLE MUSIC STARS is the second stage of the LMS program and is aimed at confident walkers to young children around the age of 3 yrs.

  • 6 weekly class themes including ‘The Jolly Jungle’, ‘At the Beach’, ‘The Weather Dial’ & ‘Stars in Space’!
  • Original music developed for each theme
  • Action based songs
  • Traditional nursery rhymes
  • Circle Songs
  • Basic dance moves to interpret the themed songs
  • Educational learning: including counting, role playing & listening skills
  • Experimenting with different rhythms using claves
  • Storyboards, flashcards, props, instruments, puppets, parachutes, scarves, bubbles and more!




The Gathering Drum- A new addition to our vast collection of percussion instruments

“What a great find! Katie is a wonderful, enthusiastic teacher! We had so much fun. This is a fantastic way to foster creativity and musicality in your little ones. Loved it.” ~ Alice

“This music class is fantastic.  Katie is brilliant with the kids and the class content is really fun.  My daughter and I go to a lot of baby classes but this one is by far our favorite.” ~ Lisa