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Baby Moonbeams - 3 months to walking

BABY MOONBEAMS is a child’s first introduction into music. The simple, effective tunes will encourage the baby to listen and in turn stimulate their growing minds.


There are 5 sections to the Baby Moonbeams class…

Time to Explore: Clapping, Waving, Nodding, Kicking, Finger Counting, Tickling and Lots of Learning!

Fun with Sounds: Percussion Time with Baby Maracas, Shakers, Bells, Castanets, Tambourines & Lots of Lovely Noise!!

Jiggle, Wiggle, n’ Giggle!: Bouncing, Rocking, Standing, Lifting and Crawling!

Lets Get Up & Boogie!: Marching, Dancing And Swaying songs!

Dreamland: Soft Lullabies with Zillions of Bubbles….

We also use a variety of props throughout the class to stimulate the baby such as colored scarves, sensory blankets, puppets and lots more!




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We love our Baby Moonbeams class – we being me and my 11 month old baby girl.  The reasons I think we love it so much is because it is a really lovely, relaxed and friendly environment and the teacher is GREAT!  She is a genius at coming up with original songs to sing that ensure the babies interact and learn, she can really sing (which means it doesn’t matter if you can’t!) and she has a great sense of humour, which means we always have fun!

Katy (Eloise- 11 months)

There are so many different activities and music classes out there, but I can honestly say that my 8 month son and I enjoy our  music class far better than any of the others we have been to and we look forward to it every week!  The class teaches the little ones about music, singing and rhythm and they all absolutely adore the teacher.  I also think the class is fantastic value for money.

Tania (Bailey- 11 months)

I really enjoy Baby Moonbeams as the songs we sing are different to the usual old nursery rhymes. They have really sweet words, stimulating actions for the babies and are easy to learn. The teacher has a lovely voice and all the babies are enchanted by her singing.

Florence (Jacob- 9 months)

We have attended Baby Moonbeams since she was 3 months old.  Even at this young age Lauren enjoyed the music, and watching other babies in the group.  I’m sure that this has helped her development, and now, at age 1 she recognises songs from the class, and enjoys playing instruments such as the bells and maracas.  The classes  are warm and friendly and most of all fun!

Caroline (Lauren- 15 months)